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"Darashti Kirvatecha" is about bringing Torah education to the places in Israel that would most benefit.




     The Tanna, Rabbi Chiya declared that he worked to ensure that Torah would not be forgotten, and he described the lengthy process by which he did so. He sowed flax and made nets and traps from the fibers. He used these to trap deer, whose meat he distributed to orphans and whose skins he made into parchment. He wrote out the five Chumashim and the six orders of Mishnah and then went to places where there were no teachers for the young children. He taught each Chumash to one of five children and each seder of Mishnah to one of six and told them that in his absence they should teach what they had learned to each other.


      The start up Talmud Torah Kindergarten in Tekoa, the first of its kind, grew from 5 kids to 40 in three years. The kindergarten, "Gan Derech Hashem" provides each child with a nurturing environment and guides them on the path of Torah and Mitzvot in the spirit of the Baal Shem Tov loving Hashem and mankind. Our door is open to welcome every child from three to six years old regardless of background.


       There is no greater challenge we face than educating our children and preparing the next generation of the Jewish people. For generation Jews were willing to sacrifice almost anything just to educate their children in Torah. Rabbi Yehuda Nasi holds that one should not interrupt a child’s Talmud Torah learning even to build the Beit hamikdash.


       Our goal is to provide our children with a slice of gan eden, guide them on the beginning of their journey and help to cultivate all their unique, God given talents.


       There is nothing holier in this world that the pure simple faith of a child.


“One should not interrupt a child who is learning in a Talmud Torah even to build the Beit hamikdash.”

"The whole world exists only in the merit of the Torah study of young children"  

"How great are the achievements of Chiya!"

 Rabbi Yehuda Nasi


We are a registered Amuta/non profit organization in Israel. We can receive tax-deductible donations in America, Canada, and Israel.

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